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Together we must keep shouting loud about pay

By Alice Sorby, Employment Relations Advisor on 09 March 2021 NHS pay was thrust into the spotlight in the most unwelcome way late last week as the Government published its evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body (PRB) - over six weeks late and several percentage points light. Any goodwill midwives and MSWs may ...

A missed opportunity

By Sean O'Sullivan, RCM Head of Health and Social Policy on 03 March 2021 Budgets are about choices and priorities. Rishi Sunak could have chosen today’s Budget to outline an ambitious and far-reaching plan to stimulate economic recovery, reward key workers and rebuild our public services. Surely now was the time ...
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A new hope

By Jon Skewes, Executive Director of External Relations on 07 February 2020 Every new year feels like a beginning, but there’s something about a new decade that feels like a fresh start. A new decade has a way of making us look to the future, rather than reflect on the past, and that is certainly how 2020 has felt so far. Obviously, ...