RCM i-learn has a range of online learning modules designed to support members’ continuous professional development (CPD)

i-learn is easy to use and provides around-the-clock access to online learning. You can enrol on as many modules as you wish and work through them when and where you like.

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How to access i-learn

Make sure you are logged in as an RCM member to this website, then click the i-learn button on the right-hand side of any page on the site, just above the envelope.

If you are not a member you can look at a Sample i-learn course extract.

There are over 150 RCM i-learn modules with more being developed all the time: from 10-minute tasters that can be taken in your coffee break to packages of courses, such as Examination of the Newborn. There are courses for activists and branch officers to understand their roles and rights and for developing your career or leadership skills.

Courses feature interactive activities, animation, video, audio and quizzes to help reinforce your learning. Case studies and reflective activities are also included and you are encouraged to use i-learn alongside i-folio, your e-portfolio, making notes in preparation for revalidation or career development opportunities.



RCM i-folio is a personal e-portfolio where you can easily store useful documents and the certificates from completed i-learn modules, conferences and workshops. The i-folio journal provides an excellent way of keeping a record of your reflective practice. It is a private space but a web page resource enables you to display elements of your portfolio to selected people, ideal for students or revalidation.

For further information on i-learn or i-folio, please call RCM Connect on 0300 303 0444 or email [email protected].