Our strategic objectives

THE RCM strategic plan provides a framework that underpins fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide our work.

Our Vision: to be the expert voice of midwives and MSWs locally, nationally and internationally.

Below are our strategic goals, as well as details of how the RCM Team will address each of these key priorities.  

  • Proactively engaging and listening to members at local, regional, national and global events and through the membership survey
  • Actively lobbying/negotiating on the issues raised of importance to the members in 2018 through the Big Conversation survey
  • Engaging with, influencing and challenging where necessary, the implementation of National Maternity policies in each of the four countries of the UK (e.g. MTP/Best Start)
  • Reviewing the RCM's professional offer through consultation with members from all areas of the profession
  • Actively working to promote the benefit and need for strong midwifery leadership nationally, regionally and locally in each Trust/Board
  • Delivering new products and services whilst refreshing our existing offer to increase interaction with our members
  • Ensuring high quality and effective support to our individual members through the representation we provide
  • Evidencing a growth in membership numbers across business-critical categories
  • Gaining clarity on the reasons members leave across all categories and analysing what control we have over member retention
  • Actively encouraging a range of member feedback methods including introducing and evaluating new methods
  • Ensuring the 2019 staff survey demonstrates a positive direction of travel from the trends set by the 2016-18 staff survey
  • Continuing to demonstrate a positive direction of travel in internal and external audit reports
  • Developing and embarking on implementing the RCM's People Strategy
  • Contributing to the long-term financial security of the RCM
  • Delivering the programmes and projects committed to in the business plan and evaluating those already delivered to demonstrate value
  • Selectively encouraging collaborations that strategically enhance the profile and impact of the Royal College of Midwives and stopping collaborations that do not meet these aims
  • Learning and responding to the feedback from the 2018 stakeholder survey
  • Increasing the profile and impact of the Royal College of Midwives locally

For more information, download the publication Our RCM: 2019-2024