Maternity Support Worker Advocates

Maternity support workers (MSWs) play a vital role in supporting midwives to deliver quality care to babies, mothers and their families

The RCM believes that MSWs are a vital part of maternity teams across the UK and we want to make sure that the voice of MSWs is being heard in maternity workplaces. We also want to ensure that the RCM understands the needs of our MSW members so that we can support, represent and promote you effectively.

The RCM is the union of choice for MSWs and our MSW advocates will be at the heart of all the work we do for MSW members.

The MSW advocate role is outlined below along with details of how you can apply. We’re looking forward to building a strong network of MSW advocates across the UK.

Benefits of becoming an MSW advocate

Being an active MSW advocate is a brilliant learning and development opportunity for the RCM’s MSW members. As an RCM activist you will gain confidence, skills and knowledge which you can transfer to your own personal and career development. You will be able to contribute to the changing role of the MSW and the wider maternity team, as well as gain knowledge of service developments and increase opportunities for you and your colleagues. 

Ultimately, you will have the satisfaction of giving a voice to MSWs in your workplace to ensure that your collective wishes are heard. The RCM is committed to providing training and support to advocates by developing training and resources based on advocates’ needs. We will also provide and facilitate networking opportunities for MSW advocates in a number of formats to ensure you have ongoing contact and peer support.

The advocate role will provide our MSW members with a fantastic opportunity to develop their confidence and expand their knowledge and skills in a new area.

To take on an MSW advocate role, you will need to be an RCM member and be elected by your RCM branch. Both MSW and full category members can take on this role.

MSW advocate role description

The RCM already has some fantastic MSW activists and there are real advantages for you and your colleagues to get involved. To advocate means to support and promote the interests of others and we hope our network of advocates will become members who act to provide a voice for MSWs in their workplaces.

While the MSW advocate is not a formally accredited representative role, we encourage any MSW member or advocate to stand as an RCM workplace representative should they wish to. The MSW advocate is not a stand-alone position and can complement any representative role that an MSW member wishes to take on.

Download the full MSW Advocate role description.

MSW advocates will:

  • act as spokespeople and provide peer support to MSW members
  • work with other RCM activists in your local branch and workplace
  • keep MSW members and other RCM colleagues informed of changes in the workplace and RCM-related news and information
  • advise the RCM on the development of its membership offer to MSWs
  • communicate and network with other MSW advocates and RCM staff to share information and ideas
  • promote the RCM as the union of choice for MSWs in their workplaces

Further information can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

Training provided to MSW Advocates

The RCM currently holds training days for all MSW advocates and you are encouraged to attend our regional/country training days as well as activists' conferences.

MSW advocate training is a chance to network with your peers and develop new skills in recruitment, communication and leadership. It also provides an opportunity to update RCM staff with news and views from your region and workplace.

For further information on our training courses, visit the workplace representative training section under Events. We have an i-learn module available for MSW advocates via the Activists section on i-learn.

How to ordering marketing materials

If you are an existing RCM workplace representative, you can order marketing materials (such as membership forms etc.) to support an event or activity you are holding to encourage RCM membership, by logging into the storefront using the link below.

Please note that this form is only open to RCM workplace representatives. Each name will be checked against our membership database. Members who are wanting materials need to contact their workplace representative directly.

You can set up your own account via the Storefront website here. Alternatively, you can email via [email protected] or call us on 0300 303 0444 with your membership number and email address. Login details will be sent to you up to five working days later.

  • Click to visit the storefront.
  • Enter your username (the email address that you have registered with), followed by your password
  • Once you have accessed the storefront website, please add the materials you require to your shopping cart
  • Once you have confirmed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email

If you have any problems, please contact RCM Connect at 0300 303 0444.