Workshops - Learning Reps led

The RCM offers a comprehensive learning offer including i-learn and leadership. To  compliment this we have a number of workshops that Learning Reps can run in their unit, branch or Trust for their colleagues. if you have a specific workshop or topic you would like to run please contact your Organiser.

This statement writing workshop will teach you how to write an effective statement should you need to for:

  • Complaint
  • Incident
  • Disciplinary investigation
  • Legal case
  • Coroners inquest
  • NMC referral

Statement writing guidance 

Statement writing presentation

Statement 1 Statement 1 with guidance
Statement 2 Statement 2 with guidance
Statement 3 Statement 3 with guidance
Statement 4 Statement 4 with guidance

The pay progression of NHS Staff employed on Agenda for Change terms and conditions is conditional upon them demonstrating that they have the knowledge and skills/competencies for their role.  This workshop will talk you through the process and how to prepare.

Appraisals presentation

Appraisal workshop lesson plan

Appraisal workshop pre-coursework

Inventory of behaviours

This workshop is to support the team to take some time to think about what is working well and what is not working so well at the moment and to think about how the atmosphere, culture and approach to team working could  be improved.

Positive cultures presentation

Inventory of behaviours

Mental Health First Aiders are people who are specifically trained to recognise the symptoms of Mental Health.  They are the go-to person in the workplace and will have knowledge of services in your local area you can approach for help. They also work to raise awareness of mental health illness as well as work to reduce stigma in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid presentation

The symptoms of the menopause can cause significant and embarrassing problems for the woman, leaving them less confident and at odds with their professional experience. This workshop raises awareness of the menopause and reducing the stigma attached to it il so that more people will talk openly about it. 

Menopause presentation

Menopause NHS case studies