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COVID vaccine and pregnancy

By Prof Viv Bennett, Chief Nurse, Public Health England on 16 April 2021 Firstly, I want to pay tribute to everyone working in midwifery teams throughout the pandemic. The mothers, partners and babies born during Covid have needed additional support to help deal with impact of the pandemic and you have provided ...

Keeping the pressure on for pay

By Stuart Bonar, Public Affairs Advisor on 16 April 2021 When, last month, the UK Government proposed a 1% pay rise for NHS staff in England, there was a huge outcry. This included from many MPs on the Government’s own backbenches. Why were people so angry? Because the proposed 1% was so derisory. ...

Safeguarding education

By Charlotte Wilson, Policy Advisor and Carmel Lloyd, Head of Education and Learning on 15 January 2021 As midwifery students, you are one of our most vital resources, the future of our profession. The past year has been extremely challenging, with studies disrupted and graduation delayed for the Class of 2020. As your trade union and professional ...