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Midwives welcome Labour commitment for more midwives

on 13 November 2019 The Shadow Secretary of State for Health Johnathan Ashworth today launched the Labour 'NHS Rescue Plan'. Speaking at the launch of the plan he used the closure of a maternity unit because of a shortage of midwives to confirm that Labour would ...

Unit closures, fears for safety and major financial constraints impacting on quality of maternity care all highlighted in new RCM report

By RCM on 19 December 2017 Almost 50 percent (49%) of Heads of Midwifery (HOMs) from across the UK have told The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) that they have had to close their maternity units at some point in the past year because they could not cope with the demand and ...

Worrying that so few women are seeing the same midwife or groups of midwives say RCM on new report

By RCM on 09 August 2017 A new report by the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit (NMPA) has found a large increase in midwife-led units* co-located with obstetric units that has increased birthplace choice for women.