Emma's Diary

Emma’s Diary, a trusted pregnancy and new parent resource is delighted to be working with the Royal College of Midwives as an Alliance Partner.

Over the past 28 years we have worked closely with the healthcare professional community to provide credible information, advice and online support to pregnant women and new families.

Through our Alliance partnership, Emma’s Diary and the RCM work together to provide information and understanding to improve the health and wellbeing of women and new families.

The way in which expectant parents engage with information has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with the digital evolution. Today, pregnant women expect information at their fingertips, which is easy to digest and in a multiple formats. As a result Emma’s Diary, which began with the iconic publication now provides a multi-channel approach, from free sample packs to a mobile optimised website, a pregnancy & baby app, an email solution and a thriving social community.

Due to this ongoing innovation, Emma’s Diary is able to freely and openly communicate with pregnant women and new parents, at key milestones, providing health professionals with insight, resources and tools to further improve communications with women in a digital-first world.

How you can support pregnant women

The Labour information pack

Emma’s Diary provides a Labour information pack, which is designed to be given to women at their 34-week antenatal check. The pack contains 'A Guide to Labour & Birth', created in collaboration with healthcare professionals to provide information and advice on everything from; preparing for labour, postnatal wellbeing, baby's early checks, breastfeeding and caring for a new baby.

This guide helps women make informed choices throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond and includes an RCM feature on Baby blues and postnatal depression, as well as a supplement from the latest Blue Top Guidance.

The labour Information pack also includes product samples to support both pregnant women and newborn babies. 

Both Emma's Diary and the Labour information pack are Baby Friendly and all content complies in full to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

How to obtain copies

The Labour Information Packs are provided free of charge to GPs and midwives across the UK, and available for you to give complimentary copies to all pregnant women in your care.

To place an order please call 01628 535 482. Alternatively, email us with your order details at [email protected]

Emma's Diary app 

The Emma’s Diary App is available for free to all pregnant women and new parents, providing medical information and support, written in collaboration with healthcare professionals, serving women until their child reaches the age of two. The Emma’s Diary App supports women by providing them with information on-the-go, on everything from; foods to avoid during pregnancy, vaccinations during pregnancy, preparing for labour and birth to colic in babies, the baby immunisation schedule and breastfeeding support and guidance – empowering women and new parents to make informed decisions.

The Emma’s Diary App can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

The Emma's Diary website

The Emma’s Diary website sees over 1 million pregnant women and new parents visit every month, who are in search of advice, information and support. The website is an up-to-date resource which covers a range of content on subjects such as;

  • Pregnancy health conditions
  • Labour & birth – what to expect and your birth options
  • Pregnancy week by week information & advice
  • Scans and screening tests
  • Baby health – everything from colic to sepsis
  • Breastfeeding advice & support
  • Mental health

In addition to a wealth of content, written in collaboration with healthcare professionals and updated regularly in line with the latest guidance, women will also find a variety of videos on topics such as; breastfeeding positions, pregnancy exercise and much more.

The Emma's Diary pregnancy guide

Emma’s Diary provides information for expectant parents through a printed Pregnancy Guide which is written in association with our very own healthcare editorial team made up of practising GPs and Midwives. The content is reviewed and updated every six months to ensure the information we provide is up to date and in line with the latest NHS, NICE and Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative guidelines.

This guide includes RCM information on sepsis awareness and vaccinations in pregnancy.

The Emma’s Diary Pregnancy Guide is available to all women in the UK and available from their GP or Midwife at their booking in appointment, or available online by clicking here.

Emma’s Diary is committed to supporting the maternity community by providing free, easily accessible medically approved content to pregnant women and new parents.