When: 5 May
Where: In maternity units and through virtual events across the globe
Theme: Midwives: a vital climate solution 

On Sunday 5 May midwives across the world will be celebrating International Day of the Midwife 2024. This year's' theme is at the core of COP28 and strategies to improve the health and status of women. Midwives, as care providers and defenders of women’s sexual and reproductive health are key players in designing resilient health systems capable of withstanding the worst impacts of climate change, delivering environmentally sustainable health services, and empowering women to make decisions that benefit themselves, their families and the planet. Midwives are climate activists. We hope that midwives, maternity support workers and student midwives across the globe celebrate in unison.

Midwifery associations call for policies that include midwives in climate action planning, invest in sustainable midwife-led care models, and take broader actions to cut carbon emissions and adopt green technologies. For further inspiration take a look at the UN 17 sustainable development goals.

ICM IDM 2024 Toolkit https://idm2024.org

#IDM2024 #MidwivesAndClimate

We will be sharing as much as we can to spread the empowering solidarity of midwives across the nation.

We are hosting a webinar on Thursday 2 May 12pm- 1pm with Neha Mankani, MA Capacity Assessment and Strengthening Project Lead, ICM it is free to attend and will honour the efforts of midwives and their associations to action critical evidence towards meaningful change for their profession and the women and families they care for. 

Here are some additional resources you may find useful

Please email your organiser with the details of your event including date and if you'd like an RCM member to attend.

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Join us this International Day of the Midwife by cutting out this stencil and using it to customise your own merchandise. Together with midwives, student midwives and MSW’s across the world - we want to celebrate sustainably this IDM. 

You can either cut around the whole logo and draw around it or remove all of the black sections to paint through the stencil. Use this on mugs, t shirts, tote bags and bunting and show us how you're celebrating using #IDM2024. 

We have created a larger stencil and a smaller stencil to make it easier for you to apply to different items but you are also able to download this and enlarge it if needed.

Download your eye catching bunting available here as a print ready PDF. This file contains three bunting designs to decorate your surroundings. 

Please note these files are available to download and print only. Hard copies are not available for order


Download the RCM branding guidelines and RCM core colours for advice on how to use the RCM brand when producing materials for your event collateral, alongside the RCM logos.

RCM Logo - horlzontal

RCM logo - vertical

RCM logo - black and white


Download the RCM knitting pattern here


*The pattern is easily resized by doubling/tripling squares where needed

We have created this easy guide for members with some ideas for your IDM celebrations.

To mark International Day of the Midwife (5 May) and International Nurses Day (12 May), Chief Nursing Officer for England Dame Ruth May and Chief Midwifery Officer for England Kate Brintworth are encouraging nurses and midwives, plus their colleagues, patients, friends and family, to take part in parkrun events across the UK. 


Register for your local parkrun event in advance and take part on Saturday 4 May for International Day of the Midwife or Saturday 11 May for International Nurses Day.   


You can walk, jog, run or volunteer to support an event as we recognise the contribution and commitment of our midwives and nurses across the NHS, health and social care.  


Once registered, join our International Day of the Midwife group or International Nurses Day group.   


Read more in Dame Ruth and Kate’s blog.