Research careers

Midwifery research provides evidence for midwives and other healthcare professionals to use in their practice. Midwifery research will often have a clinical focus, but evidence is also required within other areas of midwifery practice, such as education, and so midwifery research can take place outside of the clinical environment.  

Midwives can be involved in research in many different ways. This can include being a participant in a study, undertaking a Masters or PhD level project as a post-graduate student, or going on to be employed as a researcher, often within a university or Trust/Health Board setting. A midwifery researcher may work entirely within research, in a combined education and research role, or may work in a Clinical-Academic position.  

This section of the Research Hub aims to explain the opportunities available for a research career as a midwife, and to provide useful information and resources to help to support you in a move to working in research.  

Access the RCM Career Framework.