The RCM Maternity Research Map has been created for maternity researchers across the world to network and collaborate.  We aim to support the development of a community of midwives and other health care professionals who wish to work together on maternity research. We hope that this map enables you to find others working in your area of interest or in your region.

The map allows you to: 

  • Upload a pin to the map so that information about your own research interests and location can be seen by others  
  • Search for other midwife researchers and maternity researchers from across the UK or to find out who is working near you 
  • Search by maternity research area or methodology that you are interested in  


If you would like to add yourself to this map, please click here to complete the form.

Use the  icon on the map to enlarge the map and access the search function. Zoom in to locations on the map to find people based near you!