Professors within Midwifery and Maternity Care

    Job title Institution link Areas of specialism
Bick Debra Professor of Clinical Trials in Maternal Health Debra Bick ( Postnatal weight management, the management of women who have more medically complex pregnancies, breastfeeding interventions, the role of the multi-disciplinary team in medically complex pregnancies and systems and organisation of maternity services.
Brown Amy Professor of Maternal and Child Health Professor Amy Brown - Swansea Infant feeding, Early parenting, Perinatal mental health 
Cheyne Helen Professor of Maternal and Child Health Research Professor Helen Cheyne | University of Stirling Perinatal mental health, women’s care experience, models of midwifery care
Crozier Kenda Professor of Midwifery Kenda Crozier — University of East Anglia ( Midwifery research; Postgraduate research leadership and supervision; research in childbirth; maternal health; mental health and motherhood; midwifery education.
Downe Soo Professor in midwifery studies Soo Downe - UCLan Maternity care, All methodological approaches/new methods of data synthesis (qualitative)
Dykes Fiona Professor Emeritus in the Maternal & Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit (MAINN) Fiona Dykes - UCLan Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), Protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding, Relational perspectives in maternal and child health, Critical medical anthropology, Ethnographic research
Fleming Valerie Professor of Women's Health Valerie Fleming | Liverpool John Moores University ( Perineal and postnatal care, protecting the rights of the midwife
Gamble Jenny Professor and Clinical Chair Jenny Gamble — Coventry University Models of care, perinatal mental health, medicalisation of birth, midwifery workforce wellbeing
Hollins-Martin Caroline Professor of Maternal Health Caroline Hollins-Martin ( Mental health, Maternal and child health, Education, Reproductive health, Surveys and questionnaires
Hundley Vanora Professor of Midwifery and Deputy Dean, Research and Professional Practice Professor Vanora Hundley | Bournemouth University Health and social care, Maternal health, Media coverage, Methodology, Midwifery, Quantitative methodology, Wellbeing
Hunter Billie Professor of Midwifery Professor Billie Hunter - People - Cardiff University Culture of midwifery and maternity care, how this has changed over time and how it influences workforce and user experiences, Emotions, emotional support and relationships within maternity care
Kenyon Sara Professor of Evidence Based Midwifery Care Professor Sara Kenyon - Institute of Applied Health Research - University of Birmingham Clinical trials, Service change, MBRRACE-UK
Knight Marian Professor of Maternal and Child population Health Professor Marian Knight - National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford Maternal and child population health, severe pregnancy complications, maternal morbidity and mortality
Kuipers Yvonne Professor of Midwifery Professor Yvonne Kuipers - Edinburgh Napier University Woman-centred care, maternal  perinatal emotional wellbeing, transition to meaningful parenthood, models of maternity care
Lavender Tina  Professor of Maternal and Newborn Health Professor Dame Tina Lavender | LSTM ( Intrapartum Care, Women's Experiences of Childbirth, Clinical Outcomes, Global maternal, newborn and child health
McFadden Alison Professor of Mother and Infant Public Health Professor Alison McFadden | University of Dundee Gynecology and obstetrics, Public Health, Midwifery, Culturally appropriate care, Maternal and infant health and nutrition, Qualitative methods
Marshall Dr Jayne Foundation Professor of Midwifery Professor Jayne Marshall | Midwifery | University of Leicester Complexities surrounding professional issues, Law and ethics relating to midwifery practice, Optimising the experiences of women and their families throughout the childbirth continuum
McCourt Christine Professor of Maternal and Child Health Professor Christine McCourt  | City, University of London Maternity and women's health, Institutions and service change and reform, Women's experiences of childbirth and maternity care, The culture and organisation of maternity care.
Nolan Mary Professor of Perinatal Education Professor Mary Nolan - University Of Worcester Women's and men's experiences of early labour; availability, Content and quality of antenatal education; Effectiveness of antenatal education in reducing use of pharmacological pain relief in labour; Role of antenatal education in supporting positive mental health across the transition to parenthood; Women's experiences of home birth and of freebirth, Young peoples knowledge of babies physical, psychological and social development and of sensitive parenting.
Renfrew Mary  Professor Emeritus of Mother and Infant Health Mary Renfrew — Discovery - the University of Dundee Research Portal Breastfeeding, Covid-19
Sandall Jane  Professor of Social Science and Women's Health King's College London - Professor Jane Sandall ( Cultural and social influences on how maternity care is organised and delivered, and the implications for the people who work in, and use such services,  Quality and safety in health care and innovation and implementation.
Sanders Julia Professor of Clinical Nursing & Midwifery Professor Julia Sanders - People - Cardiff University Maternity care, Early years interventions
Shawe Jill  Professor in Maternal and Family Health Professor Jill Shawe - University of Plymouth Preconception / Periconception care, Perinatal health, Pregnancy in women with chronic medical conditions, Pregnancy after bariatric surgery, Contraception and sexual health, Vulnerable groups
Soltani Hora  Professor in Maternal and Infant Health Hora Soltani | Sheffield Hallam University ( Care of vulnerable women such as perinatal care of migrant families, Teenage pregnancy health and nutrition, Maternal obesity, Care organisation, Models of maternity care, Postpartum haemorrhage, Promotion of healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, Breastfeeding
Spiby Helen  Professor of Midwifery People - School of Health Sciences - The University of Nottingham Organisation and content of maternity care, Perinatal mental health, Motherhood and childbearing in contemporary society, Care during early labour, Preparation for labour, Psychological well-being of the maternity workforce.
Thomson Gill Professor in Perinatal Mental Health Academic Staff - UCLan Perinatal mental health, birth trauma/PTSD, infant feeding, peer support, hermeneutic phenomenology, qualitative methodologies.
van Teijlingen Edwin Professor of Reproductive Health Professor Edwin van Teijlingen - Bournemouth University Sociology, Global Health, Culture, Health System
Way Sue Professor of Midwifery Education Professor Sue Way - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages Advancing the evidence-based practice of midwives ensuring they are equipped to deliver high quality, safe and effective care.