When: 5 May
Where: In maternity units and through virtual events across the globe
Theme: Follow the data: invest in midwives

For International Day of the Midwife this year we are taking stock of all the incredible work midwives and maternity staff have provided during a global crisis, while calling for proper recognition and fair reward.

Over the past year, midwives, maternity support workers and student midwives have met extraordinary circumstances and risked their lives to provide excellent care to women and their families. Now is the time to not only celebrate how they’ve been there for our communities throughout the pandemic, but to show up for them in calls to the Government to put money where it counts and invest in maternity. 

While we are unable to hold celebratory events in person, we’re taking everything online and are encouraging our members as well as the general public to share kindness and joy across social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We encourage you to get involved in the celebrations and show your support for the people behind the masks.    

We’ll be sharing as much as we can to spread the empowering solidarity of midwives across the nation.

**Please note while we encourage you to celebrate, it is important to continue social distancing to ensure the safety of yourselves, colleagues and women. We recommend you do not hold any face to face events and include this in any advertisement of your celebrations. We cannot support your celebrations if they do not adhere to the rules.**

We have created this easy guide for members with some ideas for your IDM celebrations. Here are some other resources you'll need to get involved: 

Please email your organiser with the details of your event including date and if you'd like an RCM member to attend if the event is virtual. 

Northern Ireland:

[email protected]


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[email protected]


Northern England:

[email protected]

[email protected]



[email protected]

Derren.br[email protected]


[email protected]

Southern England:

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[email protected]

Decorate your surroundings with our bright red or blue bunting. 

Download red bunting
Download blue bunting 

Download the RCM branding guidelines for your event collateral and our main logo and/or our Caring for You logo

Download and print this year's colouring in card here.

If your Branch has held a virtual event to celebrate International Day of the Midwife send your pictures/videos and a short paragraph about your celebration/event along with the name of your branch to [email protected] 

Every year since 1992 on 5 May the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) leads a day of global recognition and celebration of the work of midwives which is observed by more than 50 nations and co-ordinated by the ICM in partnership with its member organisations.

Find out more via the ICM here.