RCM professional accreditation

The Royal College of Midwives have decided that from this point onwards we do not undertake any new accreditations or any reaccreditations.

The purpose of the RCM accreditation scheme has been to accredit education or learning events and resources that contribute to RCM members' continuing personal and professional development (CPPD) and enhance the safety and effectiveness of care provision and delivery to women, babies and their families. All current accredited courses will continue to be accredited for the remainder of their agreement.

The criteria for accreditation:

  • relevant to RCM members CPPD and enhancing the safety and effectiveness of care provision and delivery to women, babies and their families
  • promoting best professional practice and improving maternity care
  • aligns with the philosophies and values of the RCM
  • clearly described, attainable educational aims and objectives
  • content based on contemporary published evidence and appropriate for the target audience (i.e. RCM members)
  • programme clearly presented demonstrating the structure and the study/learning hours, including the learning and teaching methods used to achieve the stated learning objectives
  • method of assessment of the learning, where appropriate, clearly explained, including the development and implementation of the assessment task and the support available for the learner to prepare them for the assessment
  • support for learning described, where appropriate
  • quality assurance methods described, detailing the mechanism of evaluation and review
  • any funding or sponsorship information and any possible conflicts of interest provided
  • all relevant legislation, standards and policy requirements complied with

For further information, contact RCM Connect.