Major concerns that promised money simply not enough for NHS say midwives

By RCM on 18 June 2018 NHS Funding Public Health Health and social care

The Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a 3.4% average annual rise in NHS funding to 2023. Commenting on the announcement Gill Walton, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, said: “The Royal College of Midwives welcomes better funding for the NHS but questions whether the deal announced will be sufficient to meet rising demand and to improve services.

“Specifically, the RCM will be seeking precise clarification that the plan for spending by NHS England of 3.4% extra over five years will meet existing policy priorities for maternity services.”

These ambitious plans include:

  • 3000 more midwives in the NHS in England by 2021
  • Maternity safety and mental health initiatives
  • Better Births, the Government’s plan for maternity transformation in England

Gill Walton added “With most respected commentators and economists arguing for at least a 4% increase over a longer time period, we have major concerns that 3.4% will simply not be enough to meet the rising demands on the NHS or ensure further development of services.

“The Government needs to be honest and upfront with the people now about how these plans will be paid for. It remains to be seen how the investment in the NHS will be funded.

“Far more detail on training, public health and social care is essential as these critical areas impact so crucially on the ability of the NHS to deliver.  These areas are not included in this announcement and that is a concern.”

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